Deep Roots: (Re)Creating Chicago as an Ecosystem

Deep RootsInitiating a new conversation for the Chicago region!

Urban flooding…water pollution…topsoil erosion…urban heat islands… Did you ever wonder WHY we face these challenges? While their individual causes are complex, they result from one systemic failure: the systematic removal of ecosystem services from our built environment. Please join Biomimicry Chicago as we catalyze a bold new local initiative that challenges us to (re)learn, (re)imagine and (re)design our buildings, communities, and cities through a native ecosystem services lens, creating an inherently sustainable and naturally resilient Chicago region.

Learn more about our Deep Roots Project!

Join us to engage with a diverse group of practitioners and end users of the built environment in an innovative process that will ignite your imagination. (Co)create a vision for our cities: one that looks to our native ecosystems for inspiration!

The time is right and the need is great to radically shift our approach to the built environment, toward one of holistic regeneration rooted in the genius of our place. To lay the foundation for this shift, we seek to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams (with people like you!) to develop publicly accessible ecosystem benchmarks, “ecosystem performance standards” (metrics regarding stormwater infiltration, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and other ecosystem services), and tools to inform our collective decision making and measure the success of our designs.

Inaugural “Deep Roots” Workshop.
Friday, April 21st, 8:30 – 4:30pm.
Lurie Garden Choral Room.
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 Deep Roots_logo2Biomimicry Chicago, a local node of the Global Biomimicry Network, is a local coalition of professionals dedicated to learning from nature to change the way we design and make decisions toward a more sustainable, resilient Chicago region.

Thank you to our partners!

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